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More than half of the nation's public schools reported an incident of crime or violence to law enforcement authorities last year.  Each day more than 100,000 students bring weapons to school.  And each day students are killed or wounded by these same weapons.  Fearing victimization, over one-fifth of the students in our nation's schools are afraid to use the school bathrooms.  We need to ask ourselves, is this the type of environment we want our coming generation and future leaders to grow up with?

Students are not the only ones who experience fear at school.  Yearly, over 6000 public school teachers are threatened by students.  Violence is not unique to public schools or the nations urban centers.  Nine percent of public, seven percent of private and six percent of non-sectarian school students reported being victims of violent acts or property crimes.  Even if we find one firearm in a student locker or bag, one question begs to be asked.  What have we just prevented?  Parents, educators and administrators can no longer avoid the professional and moral obligation to protect our children with the best tool available.

Drug and alcohol abuse.  Our children are exposed to significant and detrimental quantities of illicit narcotics and alcohol.  We need to make a concerted and long-term effort to remove these negative influences from our schools. In and of itself, our canine program can help make that goal realistic and reachable.  Keep in mind, that we are an important player in a team effort. If the team does not work together, the issues will simply not be resolved. 


According to a recent Labor Department statistics, drugs and alcohol in the workplace cost society an estimated $102 billion a year in lost productivity.  Further, it is estimated that one in every eight workers, ages 26 to 34, possesses, uses or sells drugs on the job. According to several national drug-testing companies, we know that on average 25% of the U.S. workforce has tested positive for narcotics.

It is also known from experience that contraband exists in the workplace.  In support of the individual company's philosophy of a drug-free environment, business owners and managers must seek new approaches and methodologies that are efficient yet cost effective.  We provide employers with a proactive tool to minimize the potential of dangerous contraband on the property and substance abuse in the workplace.

Your company can better promote health and safety, as well as limit its liability by having recourse to act against and discipline any employee who elects to ignore company policy by continuing the possession, use, or sale of contraband.  What better proactive program could you choose to protect the safety and welfare of your employees and visitors?


Solutions to your family member's contraband and substance abuse are at hand! Are you concerned that your children may be using drugs?  Hiding alcoholic beverages?  Are their friends hiding drugs in your garage? What about firearms? We know that every child is exposed to these contraband items on an all-to-frequent basis both at schools and at other activities away from home.

Ensuring a contraband-free environment is not as difficult as you would think.  Our program offers you the ability to recognize, understand, and evaluate your home safety risks. Inspections can be unexpected and unannounced.  We help you by providing insight, advice, and guidance when facing the risks that adolescent children, whether yours or others, bring to a home.

We come to your home and offer you peace of mind with minimal, if any noticeable impact on our child.

Vehicles, Vessels, and Aircraft.

Planning on a trip to a foreign country?  Will your vehicle, vessel, or aircraft be seized because of a routine border inspection?  Was your vehicle recently stolen? Were the criminals using narcotics?  Did they leave a controlled substance in a concealed location?  Have you purchased a used vehicle, vessel or aircraft lately?  What did the previous owners leave behind?

Maritime.  We have come to be known as the leading contraband detection experts in the maritime industry.  Since 1999, Contraband Detection Canine Services has provided contraband inspections and screening for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska seafood industry. We take pride in the fact that we have the most efficient and effective contraband detection service the region!

Do we travel? Yes, it is not unusual for us to travel to out-of-state client sites including those in Canada and Alaska. Over the years we have traveled with our dog teams to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands, Saint Paul Island in the Bering Sea, and Victoria British Columbia, Canada.

Why screen vessels for contraband? We know from years of statistics that the fishing industry poses some of the highest rates of worker's compensation claims. Vessel owners and managers now have the most economical and efficient tool available to help combat injuries and the soaring workers compensation insurance premiums with the use of our contraband detector dogs.

Other than the very important security and safety reasons mentioned above, what would happen if Customs or another law enforcement agency found narcotics aboard your vessel? Vessel impoundment or seizure are words that come to mind. What would happen to any one or more of the crew and/or passengers if this were to happen in a foreign country? Jail or prison! Imagine the legal fees and time it could take to get the people and vessel released from custody, not to mention the embarrassment?

Aviation. In the age of terrorism and workplace violence, aircraft owners and operators are searching for means and methods to ensure a safe and secure environment for not only their employees, but also for their passengers.

Don't lose your aircraft because of an unintentional or illegal activity where narcotics or firearms are placed or left on board your aircraft. Our Contraband Detector Dogs are trained and certified to locate these genres of unwanted items. There are no better or efficient methods to screen, inspect or search for contraband items than a trained detection canine.

We serve the aviation community anywhere, anytime. Just as it is not unusual for us to work at local airports and FBO's, it is also not unusual for us to travel for our clients.

Why screen an aircraft for contraband? Other than the very important security and safety reasons mentioned above, what would happen if Customs or another law enforcement agency found narcotics or a firearm aboard the aircraft? Seizure is a word that comes to mind. What would happen to the crew and passengers if this were to happen in a foreign country? Jail or prison! Imagine the legal fees and time it could take to get the people and aircraft released from custody, not to mention the embarrassment?

Public and private sector entities now have an on-call, pre-emptive tool available for the detection of contraband items in nearly any environment.  We have developed a sophisticated and efficient screening and inspection method for many environments. In that our web site is in the public domain and our search methods and procedures are proprietary in nature, we would be happy to discuss these services with you over the telephone or in a private setting.