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Trusted by Corporate Executives and Professional Clients since 1991.

Trident Investigative Service, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Michael J. Canaan, CPP, CFLC, providing professional investigative and security consulting services for law firm, insurance, executive, and corporate clients.

Mr. Canaan is Board Certified by the American Society for Industrial Security, as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and the Forensic Expert Witness Association as a Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC).

With over 40 years of extensive investigative and security experience, Mr. Canaan is retained as a Forensic Expert Witness in Federal and State courts regarding security management related practices and procedures, liability, negligence, electronic security methodology, and investigative malpractice.

Trident is a leader in securing disruptive environments with the latest methodology and technology. Our investigators offer a broad spectrum of experience in law enforcement, military, corporate, and legal investigative fields.

As one of the best equipped and most experienced investigative agencies in the Pacific Northwest, we provide the most value for your money.

Although our corporate office is in Seattle, Washington, through our GLOBAL AND STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS, we provide case management, technical surveillance detection, security consulting, and investigative services nationwide, and in many foreign countries. Several of our strategic partnerships include:

Statewide Security is the premier provider of security system consulting, design, and technology installations in the Pacific Northwest. their client list includes government agencies, Fortune 50 companies and hundreds of other commercial and residential clients throughout the region.

Northwest Assessment Services, PLLC provides quality psychological intervention services, specializing in working with public safety agencies. These services include wellness checks and critical incident debriefings.

Technical Surveillance Solutions LLC (TSS) is a Denver, Colorado-based veteran-owned small business staffed by former law enforcement and military veterans. TSS is comprised of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) specialists focused solely on conducting inspections in areas where sensitive or confidential conversations are conducted.

Code of Ethics

We believe strongly in following a code of ethics.

We will…

  • Always conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner
  • Be truthful, diligent and honorable in the discharge of our professional responsibilities
  • Abide by all laws and regulations
  • Provide professional services in compliance with professional licensing laws
  • Testify only to the facts

We will not…

  • Violate regulations or conduct legal activities
  • Proceed on a course that puts our clients in a bad light
  • Impersonate government officials, or otherwise misrepresent ourselves in any illegal or unethical manner
  • Enter onto any property that is posted or fenced, or photograph a person where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists
  • Illegally obtain financial reports or utilize any illegal sources to obtain information
  • Intimidate witnesses or coerce, entrap, harass, or otherwise violate an individual’s rights
  • Lie under oath

You will receive…

  • An honest investigation without bias
  • If requested, a report ready for court
  • Our very best effort, no exceptions