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Executive Security | the Dynamic of Tragedy

We all know this person.  Their name is often followed by CEO, Chairman, or some other executive title. These are work hard, play hard, high-energy individuals dedicated to the business of business. There is never enough time in any given day to accomplish all of their tasks.  They are well-paid, own at least one large home, drive expensive cars, and their children attend private schools. Their ability to multi-task is unsurpassed. 

This executive is generally “highly focused,” often occupied with research and development, cost analysis, travel, meetings, budget cuts, manufacturing, distribution, and competition. In this constant state of rush, others continually see to it that “the boss” isn’t bothered by things which might interfere with their concentration or productivity; everyone wants to keep their executive happy and moving.

Unfortunately, this is the time when bad things happen.  Often SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is non-existent.  The executive and their assistants have fallen into their day-to-day routine, laser-focused on the task at hand, moving quickly from project to project.

Do you think they saw this coming?

To further compound this scenario, the executive is not aware of their own vulnerabilities. After all, “bad things happen to someone else,” or, “who would want to harm me”?This ominous question is usually answered one of two ways.  One; that unfortunate event does happen. Or two; a qualified security professional assesses and then determines the risk and vulnerabilities.

Rational thinkers must truly appreciate this state of mind, taking the time to frequently look above the turmoil of day-to-day activities to view what’s going on around us.  And yes, that includes the executive.  It’s not necessarily difficult to establish reasonable physical security protective measures.  However, it is the breaking of the institutional barriers, facilitating the change of adult behavior, and educating the executive and those around them which often poses the most significant challenge for a security professional.

For over three decades, Trident has served clients who are concerned about personal, family, and business security. We are proactive. People at risk cannot afford to wait for a crisis to arise. Adept at the full spectrum of security operations, we are particularly proud of our unique abilities and diverse disciplines to assess and then augment existing security deficiencies. Our consultants design a cohesive, synergistic best-practice security program and system to fit your requirements while minimally impacting business operations.

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