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Expert analysis and audit to solve the most challenging security problems

An effective security program is vital in litigation avoidance and protecting valuable corporate assets. Led by security expert Michael J. Canaan, CPP, Trident assists clients in the aviation, maritime, distribution, entertainment, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, technology, and event-planning sectors. Our proven expertise in developing, maintaining, testing, and improving security programs helps clients meet and exceed industry best practices, guidelines, and professional standards.

Security Assessment Process

Trident’s rigorous assessment process helps ensure your security program is effective. When it comes to client security concerns, our strategy is always to be proactive. While we customize programs to meet your unique needs, our assessment process often includes:

  • Analysis of current security or risk mitigation practices
  • Comparison of findings to professional industry standards
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and areas of potential liability
  • Oral or written Assessment Report with specific corrective recommendations and implementation plans
  • Documentation to support report findings
  • Representation of client interest and coordinating vendor selection and equipment integration
  • All-important reassessment of security practices to ensure company, industry, and legal compliance

Security Physical Penetration Testing

A significant component of any security assessment is the physical penetration test. This test assesses physical security controls, including doors, windows, locks, fences, gates, security guards, cameras, intrusion systems, electronic access controls, and other security measures. Auditors attempt to thwart security measures during a physical penetration test to gain physical access to restricted areas and identify sensitive data. Our physical testing process often includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surveillance and Covert Observation
  • Mapping
  • Electronic and Physical Barrier Bypass and Exploitation
  • Social Engineering and Pretext
  • Mining of Sensitive Information
  • Network Intrusion
  • Reporting

Security consulting from a leading industry expert

Trident consultants are led by Michael J. Canaan, CPP a renowned expert with nearly five decades of experience conducting security assessments, risk management, physical penetration testing, operational oversight, and liability mitigation.

An active practitioner since 1977, Mr. Canaan has conducted security, threat, and risk assessments throughout the US, Canada, and several countries in Central, and South America for individuals and corporations in estate residences, educational settings, corporate campuses, and large venue events. He is also a recipient of the profession’s highest honors — including the Board Certified Protection Professional credential from the American Society for Industrial Security, International (ASIS).

Let our expert assessment team assist you in litigation avoidance by developing, maintaining, and testing your security program to industry best practices, guidelines, and standards.

International experience in securing disruptive environments.

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