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Professional Membership

American Society for Industrial Security, International (ASIS) is the preeminent organization of 35,000 security professionals worldwide. ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests, such as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, as well as specific security topics. By providing members and the security community with access to a full range of programs and services, ASIS leads the way for advanced and improved security performance.

Pacific Northwest Network of Forensic Expert Witnesses is an association formed to promote ethical and thorough expert examinations and analyses of facts as they relate to legal matters. The PNNFEW exists to help support its members and increase the professionalism of the profession through training and networking and to provide attorneys a database to find experts.

World Association of Detectives was founded in 1925 and remains the foremost international association of professional investigators. WAD promotes and maintains the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigators to select for membership only those individuals whose personal and professional backgrounds and business affiliations have strictly observed the precepts of truth, accuracy, and prudence. Also, to foster and perpetuate a spirit of cooperation among its members and with all those engaged in law enforcement. Life Member.

Northwest Fraud Investigators Association was founded in 1929 by law enforcement officers who saw the possibility of curbing the problem of bad check passing. Membership includes experienced investigators in all levels of law enforcement, banking and business; all working together to curb fraud. The Association’s purpose is to secure the full cooperation of all those interested in the location, apprehension, prosecution and conviction of all persons defrauding the public by means of passing forged, worthless checks, or documents.

Association of Threat Assessment Professional’s objective is to learn more about how best to protect victims of stalking, harassment and threat situations and to share and facilitate the experiences and techniques of professionals in the field of threat management. The organization serves both a professional and academic environment where the flow of information is fostered in the following areas: sharing of experiences; assessment technique and data gathering; predictive factors of dangerousness; case management; research data and findings; intervention techniques.

Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators is a professional organization of licensed investigators. PNAI was established to assist members in their continuing professional education and to establish standards of professional conduct and behavior. PNAI is committed to promoting the well-being of the profession by working in concert with other professional associations, the state Department of Licensing and state legislators to develop regulations and laws that enhance our profession and protect the public. Past President and Life Member.

Licensing and Registration

United States Government

  • Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

State of Washington

  • Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy
  • Department of Licensing, Professional License, Private Investigation Agency
  • Department of Veterans Affairs, Registered Veteran-owned Business