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Sample Security Expert Cases

A former employee was assaulted at a seafood processing plant on Akutan Island, AK. The plaintiff sued for inadequate security and supervision.

A Seattle, WA casino guest sued for excessive use of force, inadequate training, and supervision after a forceful eviction from the premises.

The Captain and crew were assaulted and severely beaten during an armed takeover robbery of their tuna fishing vessel in the Port of Manta, Ecuador. The plaintiff sued the employer for inadequate security, negligence, and injuries sustained in the robbery.

An attendee at a Tacoma, WA concert fell from an elevated seating area to the venue floor, injuring himself. He was then forcibly ejected from the arena. The plaintiff sued for negligent security, inadequate training, supervision, investigation, record-keeping, gross indifference, and failure to render aid.

In a Federal criminal case, the defendant was arrested on drug charges at a Bellingham, WA storage facility. He claimed the drug dog was not adequately trained or properly deployed.

A male security guard used outdoor security cameras on the Spokane, WA, Federal Court House to peer into a neighboring hotel. The female plaintiff sued for voyeurism, negligent supervision, violation of the expectation of privacy, improper installation of security video equipment, failure to train, failure to supervise, and failure to monitor security video equipment use.

A Memphis, TN hotel guest was accosted in the parking lot and forcibly taken to her room, where she was raped in front of her infant child. The plaintiff sued for negligent hiring, inadequate security, inadequate training.

An Idaho Falls, ID, bar bouncer chased after and tackled an underage patron off the property, fracturing his leg. The plaintiff alleged negligent security, hiring, supervision, inadequate training, no policies or procedures, excessive use of force, and unlawful imprisonment.

Security employees of a Gig Harbor, WA, bar engaged in a verbal altercation with a customer, which led to a physical confrontation. The plaintiff sued for negligent security, assault, and excessive force.

A shooter with a rifle entered a Tacoma, WA, shopping mall and began randomly firing into windows and displays. The plaintiff was subsequently shot and seriously injured, confronting the shooter. He later sued the mall and security company for failure to protect, negligent security; negligent performance of security; negligent hiring of security; breach of express or implied contract.

A Renton, WA college security guard mistakenly identified the plaintiff as another person. He reported the observation to process servers who were waiting in a nearby parking lot. As the plaintiff exited the building, she was confronted by two process servers. A verbal altercation ensued, and the plaintiff was assaulted. The guard company was sued for negligence, breach of duty, and failure to protect.

A contract security guard at a Seattle, WA casino pushed an intoxicated patron to the ground causing the plaintiff to suffer a severely broken ankle. The plaintiff sued the casino for inadequate hiring, inadequate supervision, and excessive use of force.

Several patrons of an Auburn, WA sports bar were shot and killed by another patron after an altercation in the parking lot. Estates for the deceased sued for wrongful death, emotional distress, and pre-death pain and suffering due to negligent security.

An uninvolved patron exiting a Seattle, WA, nightclub was shot and seriously injured by another customer during a dispute between other persons in the parking lot.

The plaintiff was shot and severely injured in his Vancouver, WA office by a former employee. The complaint alleges the landlord, Clark County, WA, was negligent for failing to take reasonable steps to address safety and security issues in the common areas of the building. The suit also alleged the building security contractor was negligent in its duties.

The plaintiff was arrested for criminal trespass and resisting arrest by a Tacoma, WA police officer at the Tacoma, WA shopping mall. All charges were later dropped. The plaintiff sued the parties in the case alleging assault; excessive force; wrongful confinement; violation of civil rights; inadequate policies, procedures, training, and supervision.

A Salem, OR private security officer, Tased and then shot and killed a person in the parking lot of a local hotel. The estate alleged negligent hiring and training, failing to enforce company policies, failing to supervise, and negligent actions by the security officer.

A Puyallup, WA contract loss prevention agent was assaulted by two shoplifters in a grocery store parking lot. The plaintiff alleged unsafe working conditions, inadequate training, policies, and procedures led to his assault.

A former girlfriend of a Bellevue, WA security company owner, who at the time lived in one of his homes, claimed the defendant was using his security guard company officers to conduct surveillance on, invade the privacy, and defame the plaintiff.

A Redmond, WA security integrator, filed a counterclaim of breach of contract, foreclosure of the lien, and unjust enrichment regarding installing a security system in a Bellevue, WA estate.

A fight broke out between the two boxers during the weigh-in ceremony of a scheduled Tacoma, WA, professional boxing match. The plaintiff claimed the assault was foreseeable and security was inadequate.

A George, WA concert venue security supervisor committed battery, false arrest, false imprisonment and was negligent in removing a show vendor from an unauthorized area during the concert.

Patron of a Kent, WA bar, was struck in the face with a firearm by another patron, causing blindness and traumatic brain injury. He sued for negligent hiring, negligent training, negligent supervision, and inadequate security.

A shoplifter was pursued by employees of a Fife, WA, outdoor and sporting goods store into the parking lot, refusing numerous calls to stop. He eventually was taken to the ground by an assistant manager and detained in handcuffs. The plaintiff claims he complained of an injured wrist to store personnel and law enforcement, further alleging that medical aid was refused before being taken to and booked into the Pierce County, WA jail on outstanding warrants. The plaintiff was subsequently released from jail to have surgery to repair a broken wrist. Additionally, he alleges excessive force and inadequate security training of store personnel.

Seattle, the WA apartment tenant, was assaulted by a non-resident over a parking dispute issue. The plaintiff claims proximate cause using tortious conduct and vicarious liability resulting from the inaction of an apartment complex employee to resolve the issue.

Three shoplifters severely injured a customer as they fled an Arlington, WA cellular telephone store with stolen merchandise. The plaintiff alleges that the incident was foreseeable and that security efforts were negligent.

A claim arose from alleged actions by agents and employees of the Baltimore City, MD, Convention Center who surreptitiously surveilled and potentially disseminated security system video of participants, including minors, without their consent, in various stages of undress in the clothes changing area at a regional talent competition.

The plaintiff claims Seattle, WA bar employees used unreasonable, excessive, and wrongful force in removing him from the premises, further alleging the premises were unsafe and in a defective and dangerous condition.

A SeaTac, WA assisted living facility resident was severely assaulted and raped in her room by an intruder. The plaintiff claimed failure of duty of care, hiring, training, supervision of employees; inadequate security; failure to follow a reasonable standard of care for a prudent medical provider; and monitor and review of the competency of the facility healthcare providers.

Two Sacramento, CA, security officers chased, Tasered, and apprehended the plaintiff in the belief that he had a warrant for his arrest and was wanted by the Sheriff’s office. The plaintiff alleges assault, battery, negligence, negligent hiring, negligent supervision, negligent training, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

A Puyallup, WA apartment tenant was severely assaulted in the complex fitness center by a man claiming to be a resident without a key card and asked to be let in. The plaintiff alleges defendants were responsible for protecting tenants from the foreseeable criminal conduct of third persons on the premises. Further, the plaintiff alleged defendants breached a duty of care to protect her and breached the contract to exercise reasonable care to provide safe premises for tenants.

The plaintiff was allegedly injured while being removed from a Seattle, WA bar by employees using unreasonable, excessive, and wrongful force. Plaintiff further claimed the premises were unsafe due to a defective and dangerous condition.

A juvenile resident of an Issaquah, WA low-income apartment complex was sexually assaulted by her mother’s husband. Plaintiff alleges apartment complex management failed to conduct requisite tenant screening of the husband, which could have found a previous child rape arrest that should have precluded him from residency.

Plaintiffs allege assault and battery, false imprisonment, violation of civil rights, breach of reasonable care, intentional infliction of emotional distress, improper training, inadequate supervision resulting from a physical confrontation with others in a Spokane, WA grocery store in severe and permanent injuries, and emotional damage.

A suit was brought against a senior living apartment building owner for failing to conduct background screening, supervise, and retain a contract security guard who later sexually molested a housekeeper employee, a guest, and a resident.

Plaintiff was shot and killed while in his parked tour bus at a Las Vegas casino. Plaintiff alleges that the defendant should have known the area was a dangerous location and failed to properly implement adequate safety policies, procedures, training, and supervision to protect patrons, guests, and invitees from the foreseeable criminal conduct of others.

A shooter entered the Annapolis, MD newspaper offices, where he shot and killed five employees and wounded several others.  Plaintiffs allege that Defendants failed in their duties to protect the workplace and employees from foreseeable harm.

A Bellevue, WA hotel guest fell several stories from the balcony to the ground below her room. Although initially surviving the fall, she later succumbed to her injuries a period of time later. The claim is that should security have patrolled the area, they would have found her laying on the ground and rendered aid, saving her life.

A Santa Fe, NW restaurant allegedly negligently hired and supervised an employee with a publicly known sexual criminal history who later sexually assaulted a minor employee in the restaurant restroom.

A young woman was shot and killed by alleged gang members in a Burien, WA apartment complex while walking to a nearby convenience store. Her estate is claiming that the shooting was foreseeable, and Defendants failed to have adequate security which they allege would have prevented the shooting.

A shooting at a Tukwila, WA mall left two persons critically injured. The female victim later passed away later from her injuries.

A security guard working at a Bellevue, WA automotive dealership allegedly assaulted and falsely imprisoned a patron from a neighboring bar who was observed urinating in a bush.

An attendee of a Kentucky music festival allegedly consumed LSD and Marijuana while at the event. After leaving the event property, the attendee and his girlfriend were involved in a police pursuit, eventually colliding with the plaintiff’s vehicle, resulting in the death of Hurst and severe injuries to the two passengers. Plaintiffs sued the defendant festival for negligent security by knowing and permitting drug use and allowing attendees to leave the venue under the influence, which they claim led to the collision.

An assailant fired shots through a Kent, Washington apartment window, deliberately killing the resident and wounding another.

An employee of a Seattle, WA church opened a locked exterior door allowing an intruder to gain access to the building. The intruder vandalized the church offices with a baseball bat found concealed under an office credenza, and soon after attacked plaintiff in a nearby hallway. Plaintiff, who claimed severe injuries from the assault with the bat, sued for failing to provide and maintain safe premises.

Plaintiff refused to leave a Renton, WA, cannabis retail store. Security guard forcibly removed plaintiff to the parking lot before lifting and throwing him into a parked car. Plaintiff received traumatic brain injury as a result of the excessive force. Plaintiff sued the store and security company for negligent security, negligent training, and supervision, and violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Pest control company employee covertly obtained images of plaintiff in her Mountain Brook, AL residence while she was taking a shower in the bathroom of the family home.

An employee of a Kelso, WA, grocery store allegedly assaulted a customer on the sidewalk outside the entrance doors. Moments before, the employee witnessed the customer engaging in a heated conversation with the store manager, who had told the customer to leave the store with his two dogs. The employee followed the customer and dogs to the sidewalk, where the customer suddenly turned and aggressively approached the employee. The employee struck the customer in the head, causing the customer to fall to the ground, unconscious.

A woman was shot and killed, and her friend injured by a resident employee of a Seattle, WA apartment complex. The family of the deceased claimed defendants negligently hired, retained, and failed to supervise their employee whom they knew had dangerous tendencies and presented a risk of harm to others.

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